The arrival of a child is accompanied by the need to make some reforms at home. As far as possible, it is necessary to create an exclusive space for the newborn; and this not only implies a place to sleep, but also a space where the baby will spend the first years of life

Let’s check what must not be missed when planning a baby’s room

Atmosphere: when planning the room, it is convenient to choose soft colors for walls, furniture and whiteness. This range is ideal not to tire too fast and also creates a warm environment where the baby can sleep and rest.

Bed linen: sheets need to be 100% cotton as much as possible to avoid possible allergies. Make sure that the sheet must cover the four sides of the cradle, to avoid blows;  keep in mind that babies move a lot and change positions during sleep.

Cradle: The crib railings should be at least 9cm between the bars to prevent the baby’s head from entering.

Furniture: it is advisable to be chosen in modules since, as it grows, the baby will have different needs. In this way, they can go changing places, adding or removing parts, to adapt to the age of the baby and not having to change them soon.

Colors: As discussed above, warmer ranges are preferable. Classics like pink, sky blue, white and natural never go out of style. But do not settle for a single color, there are also other more delicate combinations like: pink and green, pink and yellow, lilac and green, sky blue and green.


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