We are always looking to give an unique touch to our house, specially our living room, that’s why we are about to give you some tips in order to provide with that incredible style that you are looking for

Use flowers

The flowers are perfect to give a stay a natural and beautiful touch, and as the  living room is a space that is used more in the house, flowers will receive more attention.

You do not necessarily have to spend on special flowers every week, the ones that grow in your garden or yard are enough.

You can also include a plant that blossoms every season of the year, because you will not have to replenish branches every week.

Although part of the year certain plants will not have flowers, these will give that same natural touch to your beautiful living room.

Place books

Magazines and books are great for decorating your living room. In addition, they are a great talking point.

Take out your favorite books from the shelves, place them on top of each other in a tower and arrange them on a small table as decoration.

Place a book with images, such as architecture or travel, or magazines, at the coffee table for those moments when you want to relax on the sofa or have visitors.

A home full of books always looks good, visit second-rate stores to find new tomos and fill your shelves and shelves. A stylish technique: arrange them by color.

Paint the walls

To give color to your living room you have to paint the walls. You should not necessarily add eye-catching colors to the wall, light colors will also give your living room finish.

This part takes a little time, but it will give your living room a completely different look, for a little investment. If you want to save time and more money still, I advise you to paint a single accent wall.

Purchase pillows

If the sofas you have placed in your living room are neutral in color, you have to add cushions or cushions with a different and attractive fabric.

You can choose a bright color or a light color, but be sure to choose a pattern that really stands out

Large cushions are easier to keep tidy than small cushions and aesthetically look better, but several smaller ones can give your living room a fun touch.


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