Lisa Baduk

Hi everybody! I am Lisa Baduk, I am in love with home design, my friends used to tell me that I have talent and a good eye for home design, so I have decided to follow their advice and here we are.

I think that our home deserves the best style or the ones that we like the most, there are many home design services we can opt to.

I like to read a lot and to keep me informed about this topic, which are the most important trends of the moment related to this topic and how the old home designs are improved, there is always something new. But, you need to remember that home design is not about the newest, it is about what do you like.

If you prefer a minimalistic style, Scandinavian, your walls painted with light colors, that is all up to you and whatever you decide, if you like it, it is perfect.

So, I hope with my posts you will know everything you need to know about home design, that you will find the services that you need and you will achieve and get what you are looking for.